Thursday, April 30, 2009

Faith In The System

I'm pretty sure I'm losing my faith in people. Okay, maybe not all people, but the company that I work for. I'm desperately trying to change jobs, but it's much harder than it seems. Long story short, I'm being given more responsibility without being compensated and things are being taken away from me. My boss has even been telling me how much he wants to get me promoted, but I'm starting to not believe anything I hear. If there is something that I've learned about myself its that I catch onto things very quickly. Give me a task and I will accomplish it. I'm not a sit back and wait kind of person. If I don't know something or understand a process, then I will make it my mission to ask questions until I do know. Of course, with all the work that I'm putting into this company it seems awfully ridiculous to not be working for myself. Time and time again I am disappointed in the company and the people that I work for. I am constantly let down as I tend to hold corporations and people to a higher standard than I probably should. In turn I am then let down when my working environment is not what I feel that it should be. I shouldn't let myself get so down about this kind of stuff, but I have a tendency to crash pretty hard. The question is: Why am I not working for myself?

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Anonymous said...

I think that sort of dehumanizing treatment is very common in the retail work world, I'm sorry to say. I think you should go for it and try a little Etsy shop on the side and see how it goes. I'd totally buy something from you! kk