Friday, March 28, 2008

Courtesy of Dad

Every now and again I like to remind people where I get my personality, character, strong will, intelligence, and my humor from. The following is an email I received from my father regarding the upcoming Earth Day on April 22nd. If you are a friend of the environment, you might find this offensive. If, however, you are a friend of the environment that has a great sense of humor, you'll laugh your ass off after reading this. :) Enjoy.

"Beff / Brad -

Yes, yes, yes, it's happening yet again - April 22nd. This year, to celebrate we've decided to host a neighborhood party. We'll be having Surf and Turf dinner (whale and American Buffalo) and for those would rather eat feathered friends we, of course, will have the standard Bald Eagle stew.

For those who want to just eat and not stay at the party we will be offering take home in the re heatable throw away virgin plastic containers.

A campfire will be held later in the evening using imported Rain Forest Trees and the fire will be use refined imported crude oil for the kindling.

To make sure we have enough room for everyone we will of course cut down all those American Chestnut and Elm trees that have been in the backyard for the last 75 to 100 years and will also use them in the bonfire. The paving company will be able to asphalt the area well before time for the party kick off.

Special parking areas will be set aside for those who drive Hummers - like the Smiths and Jones families that live about a half mile away. Ron Smith has offered to pipe in the music from his Bose speakers mounted in his Hummer and will keep the vehicle idling and in park so that the battery doesn't drain.

Glacier water drinks are available to all in the clear plastic bottles. Norm Jones is having them flown in by helicopter during the event and will bring in one case at a time so that we can have an opportunity to take pictures.

For those of you who get overheated by the bon fire we will set up a tent with air conditioners - keeping the main flap open so that you can enjoy the fire of course.

And for those of you who still get a slight chill in the evening we will have the white leopard skin throws that Arthur Jones shot this year on safari. (if you remember how much you liked the white tiger skins you will find these even more enjoyable.)

Remember, through your generosity and contributions, last year's event hosted by the Warners' raised over $12 which was given to that guy who stands at our Interstate entrance with the sign that says, "Army Vet".

Hope you can make it.

Your Nature Loving Dad"

Thursday, March 27, 2008

I found this.....

I was trying to create a playlist for my iPod that I could exercise to and I realized there were still a ton of songs that I had no idea who sung them. So I was listening to the song lyrics and typing them into Ask and I came across this particular blog posting. I thought it was rather humorous and I'm sure you'll be able to tell what genre of music I can't remember any of the artists' names.


Thursday, March 13, 2008


Today, I went to the post office. I sent the first of what will be many packages to my brother in Iraq. I put some fun things in it too and part of it was going to be posted on this blog, but I can't figure out how to convert my file. I did, however, receive a lecture from the postal worker today. He told me I couldn't cover up and reuse a priority box because it's a service that the post office provides for people. My box was covered in brown paper and the original box wasn't even showing. I assume he guessed that the box was a priority box which is why he asked. I'm not allowed to REUSE this box for whatever I want? He said that my package would be mailed priority anyway and that was my only option for mailing to an APO address. So I'm still confused what difference that makes. He even put a priority mail sticker on my package after I filled out the white form. He proceeded to tell me that I only pay for the shipping to New York and that the military pays the shipping to actually get it to my brother. Isn't the Army paid from government funds? Do I pay taxes? THEN I AM PAYING FOR THE SHIPPING TO IRAQ AND THE BOX IT'S BEING SHPPED IN!!! I OWN THAT BOX!!!!!!!!!!!

I feel better now.

Please excuse my outburst. No pictures are accompanying this blog, but next time I hope to have figured out how to post a video from my computer. I will figure out how to convert the file to be viewable by all. For now, thanks for listening. Oh, and I might start podcasting soon if anyone would like to hear my voice. ;)

Monday, March 03, 2008

I'm so ashamed!

Obviously, I have been M.I.A. from the blogging world. I haven't felt like I've had anything blog worthy recently. Also, I don't like that the pictures I post online are not quality. I have a nice "aim and shoot" digital camera, but it doesn't take the quality of pictures that I want to present on a blog. I want to commit myself to blogging regularly, but let me tell you that that can be a chore.

Does anyone ever feel that way? I want to write and post pictures, but I don't want it to be uninteresting. Maybe I should be thinking about what I really want to accomplish with this blog. Do I want this to be a medium by which people can keep up with my life? Do I want this to be a form of story telling? Do I want this to be the means by which I can develop myself as a person? Maybe this can be all these things, but I just can't seem to focus on one thought. Recently, I've felt like I can't seem to focus myself on one task. Not that I've ever been good at focusing on one thing at a time, but I feel more scatter brained than ever. It's kind of frustrating as I have a lot going on and my list never seems to end.

So, I must pose a question to you guys. How do you keep things organized in your life? Do you consciously tell yourself to pick up the clothes from the floor? Do you send out bill payments as soon as the bill arrives? Do you divvy up tasks to people in your household? Are things written down anywhere? Do you utilize calendars or date books?

I'm just curious to know if there's a system that I can easily put into place because I seem to always be behind. So far, the best that I have is a great spreadsheet on Excel that my husband uses to budget our finances. I'm thinking I need to make checklists for everything else, too. It might sound silly, but I'm a very visual person and having very strict guidelines (in some instances) are very helpful. Let me know what you guys do as anything might help me out.