Friday, November 30, 2007

Make me cry, why don't cha!

So, as some of you know, I do not subscribe to cable television. Nor do I have my television connected to local television stations. For the past three years this has been the case and I can't say that I'm sorry about that. I do still watch tons of movies and I am able to keep up with some popular shows via the internet.

Thanks to ABC's full prime time episodes, I am able to watch shows that I never thought I'd like. I am a die hard fan of Ugly Betty, Grey's Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, Brothers & Sisters, and now, Pushing Daisies. Among those shows are some good reality shows that I just can't help watching. I have a guilty pleasure, here: Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. I cannot stop watching that show and every single episode I have watched has made me cry.

I do not cry while watching movies or television. However, in the past year or two I seem to become weepy while watching the tube and I can't help myself. This show touches peoples' lives in a way that others cannot. It gives hope and a sense of security and comfort to people in unfortunate situations. These people have gone through turmoil, pain, and suffering, but still find a way to give back to others who are even less fortunate than they are. This last episode was heart wrenching and if you are in a fragile state, I do not recommend watching it.

My point is that seeing people with this kind of strength is an inspiration in my life. While I would never wish for a tragedy to set my life on course, it helps to draw from people who understand how to overcome the strife. I'm just saying that life isn't so bad when you see what other people have to go through. It makes me grateful for what I have and what I go through each day. This holiday season is a time when people should be celebrating and thanking and being kind, so let's draw that out of each other. Thanks for your time. :)

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

What I Am.

I am many things. Every year around this time I come to realize more about myself. I like to reflect on the past year and remember the lessons I have learned. There are so many lessons to learn and I value and cherish each one. Though I can't recall all lessons down to the minute, I've come to some realizations about myself. Of course, those of you who know me are probably able to nod in agreement with my "discoveries".

I am stubborn. Maybe it's a form of determination (at least, I like to think it is) that keeps me going on a daily basis. Though I can get discouraged easily, when I have time to reflect and relax, I bounce back rather easily.

I've also determined that I am a sensitive and emotional person. Why have I never realized that? WHY? I know why. It's because if you tell me I'm sensitive then I start to become sensitive and defensive about me not being either one of those things. Uh...I guess I can take that as a confirmation of truth. Some of you out there are thinking "What a ding dong! I knew that about you Beth!"

Maybe these are some of my character flaws, but with these flaws come strength. Recently (within the last two months), I started working for a new company. I've had to deal with people and situations that I haven't had to deal with before. My boss has been extremely encouraging and pushy in trying to get me to break out of my shell and realize my potential. You guys know that I'm not entirely shy, but standing up to people hasn't always been easy for me. Generally, when faced with a bully I let myself be pushed around. In my current work situation that isn't an option and I've been forced to push back. As some of my fellow workers have pointed out to me before, I look rather young and so that tends to work against me in my management position. I have to overcome two obstacles: the bully and my age. Believe me it's been a challenge, and I still have a ways to go, but I'm making headway. I hate that confronting people makes my heart race and my voice quaver a bit. Maybe you guys have experienced the same thing, but it always takes me a minute to bounce back.

I love making people laugh. Seriously, that is one of my greatest pleasures. I make faces, do silly dances, make jokes, sing normal sentences to make life a musical, and laugh whenever possible. I am an entertainer once you get to know me or maybe even before. Here's a little band story for you. No, it doesn't start with "this one time at band camp". My senior year in high school I had the pleasure of being a drum major. I absolutely loved standing on the podium with 160 band members on the front yard line looking up at me feeling the pressure of competition on their shoulders. Once they started to move into their first set I would make faces at them. I could see some smiles while they began to play and relax a bit. I know it's a silly story, but it was always kind of a rush.

I am so glad to be sharing this with all of you. I know I've been M.I.A recently and but I'm anxious to get back here. Most of what this blog has been for me is a way to release and vent about things. It's been about sharing and discovering and I'm happy to be a part of this world, no matter how infrequent I may join it.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Holy Mackeral!!!

"Oh, my goodness! Oh, my goodness!" (20 points to the first person to correctly identify the movie that quote comes from)

I can't believe I've been MIA for almost two months. I have neglected everyone and I am trying to make this my outlet when I need a destresser. I have completed my third week at my new job and my boss wasn't lying when he told me we would "hit the ground running." Seriously, he hasn't stopped saying that. That and the fact that he's going to buy me a Barbie Power Wheels to get me to work. >:(

I'm going to make this a short post, but I'll post some fun stuff to keep you interested. I'm completely addicted to Pushing Daisies! It reminds me of the kinds of movies I used to watch as a kid and I love that everything is so bright and the plot is kind of twisted. Plus, I am so captivated by the silly love triangle between Chuck, Ned, and Olive. Not that it's really a triangle as Chuck and Ned have mutual feelings for one another.

I started reading The Golden Compass and I've been meanin to read that since July. Thanks to Kristine and Kirstin both telling me that it was way more amazing than Harry Potter, I'm very excited to get further than chapter 3. I already find it more intelligently written and detailed. It's not that I'm bashing Harry Potter because all of you know I'm H.P. crazy!!! Hopefully, the movie will live up to my expectations. I just don't think all books have translated well on screen and some times, it's best to leave them alone. On the other hand, if I think of the book and the movie as two separate entities, then I have absolutely no problems watching visualized version.

I have no good pictures to post, but maybe I'll take a few minutes for myself and get to it. Otherwise, come on down to my place of work (well, if you live in the area that is) and play with some toys with me (not the Aqua Dots!)

Hang in with me peeps!!!