Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Just A Notion

*sidebar: I had the idea for last Thursday's post earlier in the week and saved it to publish on Thursday. I forgot to change the date from the date I wrote it to the date I actually published it and it got buried in the other posts. Now, you can see it and I will appease Katie by posting a new one today. :)

I like to write in my journal on occasion, but it's not completely lateral. I paste pictures in it, journal, or draw in it (albeit terribly). But I wrote something that I thought was kind of humorous and ironic. Maybe this will help you a little bit to understand the functioning of my mind. Good luck.

I went to a counselor once who helped me with some note taking techniques. We tried different thought bubbles, but I find that to be messy and difficult to understand my notes. I guess outlining just stuck even when I don't actually use the right format. I used to keep everything indented. How does your brain work?

**Update: I changed a few things on my sidebar. You might want to check some of the blogs out that I follow because the pictures are gorgeous.

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