Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Lightning Bugs


I cannot stop listening to this song. I love the the meaning behind it. Or rather what I interpret the meaning behind it is.
"I'd get a thousand hugs from ten thousand lightning bugs as they try to teach me how to dacnce". That's my favorite line in the whole song. It just makes me smile. I hope you enjoy it. I can't believe that I'm just discovering Owl City in general. They could become my new favorite group.

Friday, September 04, 2009


So, three weeks ago I went through a round table interview for the company I work with to become an Assistant Store Manager. It was myself along with 8 other people in my district, two of which are Department Supervisors with myself at the store I work in . I've been waiting for three weeks to hear some news and received it yesterday in the form of a job offer! So in about a week I'll be leaving my store to train in Massachusetts for two weeks and then be placed in my store in New Hampshire. I am very excited and nervous at the prospect of doing this. I feel like this is a big move for me and I feel like I have some clear definition of where I'm going. But I also feel really young. I know that my energy level and my drive are some factors for why I was chosen, so I hope that I will live up to those standards. I don't have any pictures for you guys recently.

I'm going to do another post later about my cleaning stuff. Seriously, that book has changed my life! I know it seems silly. I haven't even read all the way through it. I just know that everything I read inspires me to do a little more. It's a slow process, but right now I'm still on track with my kitchen being clean. However, I have realized that good cleaning tools make all the difference in the world, so I definitely need to invest in a better dust mop for in between vacuumings. Thanks you guys for reading in general. Of course, COMMENT! It makes it more exciting when I write. ;)