Friday, November 27, 2009


So, I actually had a rather low-key Thanksgiving day so I am definitely thankful for that. I actually have a living room now and I've lived in this apartment for over a year now. Woohoo!

My wonderful boyfriend got us a futon since no regular piece of furniture fits through my apartment doors. There's nothing spectacular about the set up of the room, but it's now multi-purposed. I have to pull out the dining room table when I want to have a regular meal. At least now I don't have my television in my bedroom which I realllllllllly love. I hated that. It's not relaxing in any way.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

So blue...

Everything about these pictures reminds me of fall. Of course, it's already come and gone for Maine and Thanksgiving hasn't even happened yet. All the leaves have dropped off the trees and now we're left with the barren branches and the wind. Incidentally, all this cold weather reminds me that I can start enjoying my knitting again (not that I have to have the fall to enjoy it), but I now have a fabulous new sticker to show my knitting loyalties. Thanks to my friend I can now drive around and wow others with my knitting pride.
Incidentally, the name of my post has nothing to do with fall colors. It only reflects how I'm feeling with the upcoming holidays. With so much emphasis put on buying for the holidays and me working in retail, I miss the times I used to enjoy with my family and friends at this time of year. While I have been promoted at my job, I would still like to entertain the idea of trying something outside of retail to have my life back. I saw a posting for this job and I swear that everything about the description of this company and the job requirements are me to a "T"! I started reading the company website yesterday and it meets all my credentials for the ideal company to work for. This company has even won awards for being one of the best places to work for! Seriously, who doesn't want to work for a company that treats its employees so well that they want to come to work every day? I am working on tweaking my resume so they can see that I'm the ideal candidate for this position. The hardest thing for me is working on a cover letter because I want it professional, but not too personal. I do want to include some personal details as that's the part that I think makes me perfect for this job. I know I sound a little frantic, but I desperately want to be able to enjoy life. I want to let go of my job at the end of the day or enjoy it so much that it doesn't stress me out when I go home. Make sense?
Well, I was really enjoying being able to write on my blog on a regular basis and it seems that "Season" has left me exhausted. I usually don't sleep for long periods of time and yet I find myself doing that almost regularly on my days off since I got promoted.

Wish me luck. It will be over soon.