Sunday, May 10, 2009


With all the restructuring going on at my job right now, I am realizing new things about myself. I am multifaceted. I am talented. I am motivated. The bottom line is that I'm learning I'm an asset and valuable to a team. I am adaptable and quick. I am not over confident about my abilities, I am just realizing that I am being confident enough. This is a new feeling for me. Seriously, I don't know if I've ever felt like I can do anything before. I am not saying that I don't have room to grow because there is always room for that. I just mean to say that all I need to realize is that I am my own road block. I am the only person that holds me back. Nobody can hold me back unless I let them do that to me.

"No one can make you feel inferior without your consent." I am starting to hold fast to those very wise words from that very strong, smart woman. I spend too much of my time thinking that someone else is going to help me when I should just do it myself.

This leads me to my next endeavor. I am going to start working on starting my online business. I have done tons of research to make sure I'm going about it the right way. Now, I have to actually start making product and branding it. I want everything to be professional and well planned before I begin selling items. Of course, you guys might be able to help me a bit with this. Take this poll and let me know what you think. The idea is that I want something that is meaningful in my title, but related to nature. Of course, I could come up with hundreds of ideas, but these are the few I've been thinking of.

Take this poll for me

This will help me a little bit if I know what appeals to people. Of course, if not enough of you vote then it won't help me at all. If you have other suggestions besides these let me know. I want to include nature in my shop title in some way, but relay the fact that it's eco friendly as well.

Thanks in advance!


Katie said...

What are you going to sell??

Anonymous said...

I voted for Thunder Bumble, but I also like Eco Star a lot, and it looks like that's what everyone else who voted likes too, so I think either of those would be swell. ~kk