Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Fiber Porn

*Disclaimer: The following may cause swooning, fits of "ooh's and ahh's", hysterics, nausea, faintingspells and the extreme need to pick up your own needles or crochet hooks. If you have an aversion to very "knit heavy" content, then this particular blog entry should be passed over and saved for a day when you can get your hands on some acid reflux medicine early on.

Now, for the juicy part......

This is my first crochet project in about 2 years and it also happens to be the first real project I've ever done (real meaning not square). Thanks to The Happy Hooker, I was able to pick up crochet again but this time, really understand it. After a few attempts, I was able to make this fabulous scarf using yarn that my friend Susan gave me. Actually, all the yarn for this scarf was given to me by her, at one time or another, and I love the color combination! Thanks, Susan!

Two days later I crocheted this. This too, is from the The Happy Hooker. It's the One-Skein Scarf and it's fabulous. Actually, I don't even think it used one skein because the skein I used was already partially used from a prior knitting project. It crocheted up really quickly, too. I highly recommend it.

Then I got an itch to start knitting again. No, I haven't started knitting Central Park again. As you might recall from the last time I had knit further, but since then I've become mad at it and haven't knit on it for the last severals weeks. Soooooo, I've distracted myself with smaller projects.

I do love Debbie Stoller and her books, but more importantly I love the patterns that are provided in them by different designers. I made a neckwarmer from Stitch 'N Bitch Nation.

This little neckwarmer is just me using up some Manos del Uraguay I had lying around and this fabulous yellow acryllic yarn I got as a gift. I'm hoping I can find something in my closet to wear it with and maybe I'll do some refashioning and have something cool to wear with it, but that's for another post.

Lastly, I'm working on these little gems. I received this wonderful sock weight llama yarn from my mother-in-law last Christmas and didn't want to "waste" it on anything terrible. So, I've been waiting for the perfect pattern to arise and I finally decided on theBroad Street Mittens to get me through this enormous amount of yarn. If I have enough left over, then I'm knitting socks. They'll be beautiful too. I've been wanting mittens like these ever since I saw my brother-in-laws girlfriend wearing some. They're cool.....and I can put a button on them.

(I must interject here. I had written this post many weeks ago, but at the time Blogger was having issues and I wasn't able to load my photos. I did continue to work on all those projects. Soooo.......this last project is kaput for now. I messed it up royally and am now pissed off at the mittens. Plus, my dad wants me to design some kind of penguinesque glove/mittens for him for Christmas and I have to because I told him for his birthday that he could have any knitted object he wanted. So he chose something obscure. Leave it to my dad. My mittens are on the back burner for now.) ;)

I feel that I have to use up all the other yarn that I have in my stash or I cannot successfully move on to any other projects. I have found that crochet is ideal for using up yarn as I can do it quickly and it's different than what I've been doing so I don't get bored with it. :)

Thank you for participating in this blog today. It has been a pleasure. :)