Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thesaurus Thursday

When you read my blog you may notice some random thrilling words thrown into my writing. I cannot help myself when it comes to using "fun" words as I'm a paladin (look that one up!) for a wide vocabulary. I have a widget on my dashboard (if you're a mac user you'll understand what I'm talking about) called "Word of the Day" that I like to view most every day. Unfortunately, I rarely remember the words unless I immediately use them in a sentence and then do it repeatedly throughout the entire day. And probably the next couple of days. That seems like a lot of extra effort for just one word when I know there will be another new word the following day. The other resource I like to use to expand my writing vocabulary is my thesaurus widget on my dashboard. Of course, using this reminds me of one of my high school buddies. She and I used to get great pleasure from putting the final touches on her English papers because of this great thick reference book. She, I believe, has always taken great enjoyment from words. While I have always appreciated writing, I think she gave me an appreciate for words that I didn't realize I had until half way through college. Basically, every time I use my thesaurus and find a word that sparks my interest I think of her. She may no have these same colorful memories when she uses a thesaurus, but for me it will always be there.

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