Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thankful Thursdays

So, instead of bitching about what kind of day I had today, I will convert this into a "Thankful Thursday" post. Thanks to all the bicycles that I had to lift off bike tiers I'm building up some nice muscle tone in my arms. How's that for a free workout? Now, If I could just figure out a way to tone my lower body at work...
( Amazon, inc. April 16, 2009.
In my spare time I'm delving more into the book The Gentle Art of Domesticity by Jane Brocket. I got this book as a Christmas gift and I'm pretty sure I've fallen in love with it. It's the best book about leading a simple, artistic, domestic life that I've ever read. Of course, I haven't read a whole lot of books on this particular subject, but I can't get enough of them. The author of this book speaks intelligently and descriptively with a very unique writing style. I love the fact that many (or rather most) of the photographs in this book are taken by her. Looking at her photos by themselves is enough imagery, but add her illustrative descriptions and I feel like I'm taking the pictures myself and actually doing what she is doing. Everything has meaning and yet it is all so simplified. This bookis a must read. Please, check it out if you are at all interested in this kind of life. If you'd like a little taste of how she lives her life, then stop on by yarnstorm.

This probably feels like an advertisement for this particular book, but I absolutely love it. Ever day I try to get one step closer to living a simpler life and this book inspires me to do just that. It inspires me to make more, bake more, and live more. It also keeps my creativity going when I think I'm running out of it. It's not like I could ever actually run out of creativity, but I feel so stifled some times. I don't want to feel stifled anymore. I have kept to my scheduled Thursday blog time, so at least that's looking up. Once I get more comfortable with this then you'll see pictures of my own on here. Cool, huh?

I plan on using this blog as a future form of advertising, so I think it's good practice to do this weekly. I've actually been aching to blog for the past seven days. Woohoo! It's not that I've had earth shattering news or anything, but I just wanted to talk to all of you.

I appreciate you guys actually reading my blog. I've debated posting my blog link on Facebook, but I think I like knowing that only a few people are reading my thoughts right now. I mean, I want more people to know me and know where I'm coming from, but for now I'll take my small followers as they come. You guys rock! There are so many blogs out there that I love and I want to strive to be like some of them. Take a look at Soule Mama (My absolute FAVORITE blog ever), Tiny Happy, Tollipop, Applehead, and 3191. They are so visually stimulating and expressive that I have to visit these a few times a week just to satisfy my creative urges.

Thanks for stopping by today! Or Tomorrow!

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Anonymous said...

endorsement or not, I'm gonna check out the book, it sounds swell. ~kk