Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Have I told anyone about my addiction for Method cleaning products? Seriously, I love this company. I know there are probably other companies out there that are greener and clean better, but I love this company. They are always trying to better their packaging and their solutions are made from vegetable based formulas. They smell fresh and I like how they work. I think the other thing that I like about them is that while they are a large company, they take the time to answer personal emails without using an automated response. I'm hoping that they will eventually make interior car cleaning products that won't hurt the dash or vinyl parts of my car. For now, I'm happy with their latest move towards smaller packaging for their laundry detergent and making it more user friendly.

I love this glass cleaner they have. That's just a little taste of the kind of weather we're currently getting in Maine (the snow build up on the window).
This right here is the difference in bottle sizes of laundry detergent. I currently have some Arm and Hammer (under much duress), but I had to get the new bottle. I love how it pumps and how easy it is to hold. Unfortunately, it's only for 25 loads and I haven't found the 50 load bottle on the market yet. Until then, I'll use this one for my clothes washing instead of the Arm&Hammer. Of course, my other half will continue using that stuff out of preference. Thank goodness I'm the one who does the shopping! :)


Dawn said...

Every time I go to Target I think about getting some of the method stuff..especially the Lavender floor cleaner you've mentioned before. Hmmm maybe I'll have to give in!

Anonymous said...

I use the Method fabric softener and love it! ~kk