Saturday, January 02, 2010

Resolve my Resolutions

So, I have been inspired to put some "resolutions" on here by a very dear friend. I too, have resolve so posting my resolutions seems rather redundant, but I will post some things that I'm always thinking about. I'm not going to declare anything because every year I try to declare something and then I don't achieve my declarations. I've written them down and they do not come to fruition by my own fault. This year, I intend to only sort of put them down on paper (or the internet as the case may be) so I can inspire myself.
Last summer I did a ton more journaling and it was very satisfying. I have a special and beautiful spiral bound journal that I like pasting things in and writing in when I get the chance. Since I've been promoted I have not been inspired to write in it and I refuse to put negative, work-related topics inside of it in fear of desecrating it. But I resolve to begin that again as the busy season has settled down and I can look to myself again. I would like to go back to actually grocery shopping again and planning meals. How minute is that? I truly just want to have a normal life and it has been difficult over the past year to achieve that for myself. Many things have come easier to me thanks to my hard work, but at the same time everything has been an adjustment in some way. So, for now, those might be two things that I would really like to do. The third, as a side note, might be Etsy. I know, I've said it before, but that's why this is a side note. I might have another post later today regarding that aspect though. I definitely want your thoughts on it, too. Thanks for listening!

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Anonymous said...

wow! I love your new header and tag line - fantastic!

I think your New Year will be amazing. Each day you are trying and learning and growing, what more can we ask of ourselves?

I voted, but it was not quite accurate. I subscribe to your blog so every time I get notified you posted, I go to your blog. I hope that helps with the poll. ~kk