Friday, June 12, 2009

Little Notes

With all the different jobs I've had, at some point or another thoughts have popped in my head unrelated to work. That being the case I need some place to write them down and random paper scraps tend to fall prey to my scribblings. I came across something I wrote once while trapped at the cashwrap at "the book store".

"I will shelve until my hands become so dry they start to split and bleed. I will rearrange to my heart's desire. I will alphabetize until my vision is blurred and I have to do it with my eyes closed. I will smile cordially to customers til the cows come home and my mouth begins to hurt. My face will be frozen from so much smiling. I will sticker, mark-down, move books from one table to another, and place special orders at the drop of a hat. I will fend off Harry Potter fans with my bare hands while pointing customers to the right section. I can PDT the children's section in half an hour as well as hand sell Qualitative Reading Inventory-3 to illiterate 2-year-olds."

Apparently I ran out of steam and time because that's all there is. I remember writing down a lot of things when I worked for "the bookstore". Of course, when I was straightening particular sections I would keep a little notebook with me so I could write down book titles when they struck my fancy. Then I would create these incredibly long lists of books that I wanted to look at more thoroughly and check them out of the library to decide if I wanted to purchase them or not. Ah, good times.


Anonymous said...

ahhh "the bookstore." I wonder what ever happened to Swecky...

Tori said...

Ah, Beef. I forget how funny you are. I miss you and would LOVE to catch up sometime.

And to answer your question on my blog... Jack fell off his cousin's bed (Allison's daughter) and fractured his left leg. He just got his tiny little cast today, poor guy.