Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I cam across the blog The Dinner Files via my friend's blog post. This particular postreally struck me even though I don't have children. I've always felt that the best way kids learn to like something is a simple non-reaction to it. I mean, if you tell a kid that it's good for them or make a big deal out of a certain type of food you want them to enjoy, they will likely turn away from it. Of course, if you just enjoy it then they'll want to do as their parent does. The same goes for bumps and scrapes. I've witnessed several instances when a child bumps their head or falls down where parents rush to them with that, "Oh, dear! Are you okay? Awe, sweetie, I'm sorry!" all while their kid is crying it's head off with no actual injury to themselves. But on the flip side, on few occasions, I've also witnessed parents who just "do" when something happens. I feel that if you can have this reaction you'll teach your kid not to freak out about situations in life in general. They'll have a calmer approach to things and maybe have a little less stress in life. I mean, if a kid bumps his head and there is no injury to him at all, their reaction is really just the shock that they hit their head and not that they hurt themselves. Maybe my thought process is off, but I truly believe that's the case. I've seen it a million times thanks to my job location. Thoughts?

Personally, just enjoy the wonderful blog post as I want to eat everything this woman describes. I'm also adding her to my list of wonderful blogs to read regularly. :)


Tori said...

Haha! I totally agree with you on this. Jack is so much more likely to want something I'm eating than something I tell him he'll like.

The only word of caution... when your kid jumps off a bed and acts like his leg hurts, but not TOO badly, and he can't really talk yet to tell you, don't wait two days to take him to the ER. Just trust me... you'll feel like the worst mom ever. :-)

Dawn said...

Long time no see. Thanks for the post linking to me and the food for the little one is new, new, new to me so I'm glad someone found this interesting.

Georgia always wants what we are eating even if we have the same thing she does (which we always do now) but ours isn't cut up, she doesn't realize. So we simply feed her from our plates or forks and all is well in the world again.

We've gotten so much better about the running over right away...if we see her fall and know it's nothing she looks at us with her bottom lip pouted out and we comfort her from a distance but boy is it hard not to just scoop her up and make it better with ice cream ;)