Sunday, June 07, 2009

I'm don't tell anyone.

I read this article the other day on Etsy. I'm convinced that once I start to sell on Etsy, this will be me. Or rather, that will be my significant other. I can't wait. I'm pushing myself to do amazing things at home so I will have the freedom to be my own boss. I'm trying to do some more sewing just to get some practice in. So I'm going to make simple things to work on my finishing techniques.

This was a simple place mat that I made for a friend. I was going to bring it over to her last night and even had it in my purse, but I'm glad I didn't. It didn't work out exactly how I planned. I need to make the silverware pocket smaller to holder her utensils, and the loop doesn't fit around the entire napkin roll. Ah, well. That'll teach me to use a pattern or at least take some measurements.

Let me know what you think of my sewing projects so I can get better at them.

Oh, and I found a great video online from Threadbanger about how to draw croquis.

Of course, I can't draw worth a lick, but I'll try it if it means I can start to design some clothes to wear for myself. I have a bunch of material and some old clothes that I'd like to revamp.

These were my attempts at drawing a croquis. Like I said, I do not like drawing, but I want to try something completely outside of my box to start honing in on my sewing skills. And I'm sure you've noticed that I have no skill for drawing either. I don't want to start designing purses or bags without a template because I think it'd be slightly unprofessional. Of course, from everything I've ready about Etsy sellers, they all have their own way of doing things. If you're interested in why I'm always so interested in what Etsy sellers have to say check out this series of articles that I am addicted to.

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