Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Spirituality and Your Inner Being

I feel so moved when I hear this particular artist singing. I believe that talent comes in many forms and he is a extraordinary example. This particular musical artist is so connected with himself and his body that listening to him is a rare, beautiful occurence. Seriously, I'm completely moved by him.

Please watch this video before you finish reading the rest of this particular post. I am actually pleading with you to open your mind and enjoy his performance.

That puts a huge smile on my face. A HUGE SMILE! I cannot imagine how Bobby McFerrin discovered he was a musical genius, but I'm glad he did. I grew up listening to "Don't Worry Be Happy" on a cassette tape from the movie soundtrack Cocktail. I played that song over and over on My First Sony Cassette Player when we traveled. I think my brother got annoyed with me for singing out loud. Listening to Bobby always makes me think of my childhood and I love that he gives me that sense of nostalgia and security.

Now, he gives me a sense of openness. I love that he commands an audiences' attention and is completely confident in what he does. It makes me feel as if I can do anything. Maybe that's going a bit too far for some people, but don't you ever feel that way about music? Aren't there songs that you can just feel inside your mind that makes you want to express yourself? Isn't there ever a time when the music iss so compelling that you want to burst with zeal? I mean, why wouldn't you want to do that normally? It's so difficult to capture that kind of existence in yourself, but music can help you in that endeavor. Don't you think? There are so many chances to be happy in life and Bobby tells it like it is. He says, "Don't worry, be happy." Hakuna matata. Forget about it. There are so many ways to say what can be conveyed in one song.

I'm on my soap box right now and I'm staying here...until you join me. I want you to be right here with me sharing my joy. We can't all be happy one hundred percent of the time, but we can help each other to try to be happy most of the time. We are our own joys and sorrows in life. Share, my friends. Share.

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