Friday, June 01, 2007

Live Simpler

So, I think a lot about "living lightly" and reducing my "footprint" on the earth. As much as I would love to not have to think about these things and just "do", I'm trying every day to do what I can for Mother Earth. The one task that I focus on constantly, especially now that it's summer, is getting rid of things. By things I mean, thangs. Like, "It ain't no thang, honey!" While de-junking my apartment and deciding what is important to me, I can chant that to myself. You can too if you like. If you say it out loud when you're in a room by yourself, dont' be surprised if someone asks you who you're talking to. Do not feel obligated to explain to said person why, either. It just won't make sense. I promise. Aside from that, I feel so much better when I can actually find a real home for some of the thangs in my apartment. I've given away a lot of my craft supplies, tons of clothing, and other odds and ends that Jake is probably really happy that I no longer have. My plan is to only have to use one measly Uhaul for our next move. Of course, we're not moving until next June, but one must prepare one's self for such events.
That leads me to my motto: Always be prepared. I, personally, try to always be prepared. I bring Band-Aids with me when I travel, an umbrella, extra hair things, and occasionally, safety pins (The last time I had those on me was my senior prom. I actually used them for my own dress since the straps broke while I was swing dancing.) I generally bring snacks with me when I shop since I know I need to eat every few hours. I'm like a little fussy child when I'm not fed regularly. I also like to bring some form of entertainment with me because I dont' want to be bored wherever I am. I did that when I had to wait in line at the post office on tax day this year. All those other fools didn't bring a thing and I got to listen to my iPod and jam to some cool tunes. Enough of this already, you say?
In a few days I will have "real" internet in my apartment and I hope to feel inspired to blog more because of it. Of course, I say this with good intentions knowing that will not really be the case. You just never know though.
One of my goals for the summer is to create usable and comfortable living spaces. My husband and I just rearranged the furniture in our living room and it feels so much better than where we originally had it. Seriously, it made a huge difference in how comfortable I am when I want to relax. Hopefully, I can creat that same feel in our other rooms. "The Other Room" is the hardest space to create, though. We have a tv with stand, a desk, a table with my sewing machine, a coffee table, a wheely desk chair, and a miniaturized easy chair. There's a lot of furniture in one tiny room and absolutely no comfortable place to sit. Odd, huh? It just makes me want to really purge more of my stuff to help out the situation. I'm trying to figure out what I find valuable and what is just an object. I really think I"ve paired down a lot of the stuff in my life. I'm finding that I actually enjoy not buying things and have joined Wardrobe Refashion 2007 to help me with that.
If you have questions, comments, or any points of reference, keep them to yourself. I don't care. JUST KIDDING! :) You're always free to comment.....if you pay me 5 bucks first. HA!

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Anonymous said...

hey girl. great minds think alike cause I feel the same way. it is such a relief, like letting out a huge sigh, getting rid of stuff, or thangs! You'll have to post photos of your new pad arrangement too