Thursday, July 12, 2007

What everyone is talking about.

I know it's the talk of the town right now, but I must add my sentiments. I feel very strongly about the Harry Potter series. Strongly, in the sense that emotions are evoked in me which I normally reserve for notable situations. I just finished rereading Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince for the second time. It upsets me so much and there is nothing I can do about it. I hurt along with Harry and I feel so badly that Dumbledore no longer has an existence in the wizarding world. I have only read the last book twice and I remembered less than I thought. There are so many questions inside this last book that I doubt will ever be answered. There are still so many questions from the previous 5 books that have been unanswered as well.

I want Harry to live. I want Lord Voldemort to die. I want Severus Snape to have been acting under Dumbledore's orders. I want Draco Malfoy to dissassociate with the Dark Arts. I want Harry to have the chance to really pursue Ginny Weasley and for Ron to pursue Hermione. I want to see them all learn more about magic than they ever thought they would and use it wisely. I want them to find the remaining horcruxes and destroy them. I want them to gain the help of whoever R.A.B. is.

Doesn't it feel horrible when you come to the end of something so good? You want to know that what makes you feel so comfortable and safe is always going to be there. You want to know that things will always continue in that same manner without diviation. Dumbledore was warm, smart, powerful, and respected by most people. While many disagreed with him and his views he was wise, probably more than even he realized. Why should Harry have to suffer the loss of every single person that cares about him? Why can't he actually be "The Boy That Lived"? Will he fight Voldemort and live? I know they will come face to face, but who is going to help him this time? The last time he met up with Voldemort, Dumbledore saved him from death. Everything Harry has done to survive has been out of sheer luck or from heavily leaning on another, smarter wizard or witch. Will Harry's love save him?

One of the weirdest things about reading book 6 is that there are some Lord of the Rings tendencies themes in it that are similar to other books. Every true remembered hero has absolutely no idea what he's really doing until the very end. The hero is chosen absurdly and without his or her knowledge. They do not want to be handed this horrible and fatal task. It becomes a burden and it leaves a scar. Maybe literally. He defeats evil through some form of love or caring. Caring about something that means more than himself, that is.

This is the end or the beginning for Harry Potter. I don't know which and I will surely be devastated either way. Neither direction is the direction I want for Harry, Ron, Hermion, and even Ginny. I have become attached to them and their ways and woes. Until next time, it is only 8 more days of anticipation until Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is in my hands.


Dawn said...

Amen Sister! Amen!

Anonymous said...

I think that getting to the end of a really good and satisfying book (or series) is a lot like losing a friend. It feels painful and disorienting...I wonder how the series will end.