Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Lull Me Rain

I could sit still for hours listening to a steady rain. Not the kind of rain that surges toward a person all at once, but the kind that falls gently and unvaried. It's the kind of rain that is just asking to be walked in and danced in and watched. Right now, peace is attainable because of this rain. I could sit on a porch looking out at the street and watching the occasional cars pass by just to be closer to the rhythm that the rain sets....and it is a rhythm. The rhythm is saying, "Don't move fast." This kind of rain, the kind that makes me smile, is trying to tempt me to stand still and listen to the peace that surrounds me. It's telling me that if I only reach out for a moment, one very brief moment, I could feel the wet drops upon me. And I am there. Right there. This rain is reminding me of days gone by. Good times spent with good people. The rain does not have a sad or sorrowful bone in it's body. It's the rain that refreshes and cleanses this world and gives it a new start. This kind of steady rain comes when I least expect it to. It comes when I don't really need it...or at least I didn't until it was already drumming lightly on my rooftop. Maybe it wasn't drumming. Maybe the rain just tapped on the shingles like an impatient person would with their fingernails. But this rain, isn't impatient. Just listen. Can you hear it?

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