Friday, September 08, 2006

Act YOUR age!

Is it truly possible that people don't realize how insulting it is to comment on someone's age? In a 6-hour shift tonight on my first day of working at a new place, I had three employees comment on how young I looked.

Conversation 1:
The person who was training me was going over some paperwork with me and the policy on selling alcohol to minors. You must ask for an I.D. of anyone that looks younger than 40.
Kristen: So this is just a form about our policy on selling alcohol. You have to be over 16 to handle alcohol. How old are you?
Me: 24
Kristen: Wow. Really? You look young.
Me: Yeah, I've never gotten that before.
Kristen: I bet you get that a lot.
Me: yup.

Conversation 2:
Katie: So you go to school around here?
Me: No, I'm done with school. I graduated a couple of years ago.
Katie: Oh, really? Wow, you look really young.
Me: yup.

Conversation 3:
This one takes the cake in insults.
Other Girl Whose Name I Can't Remember: So this is your first day?
Me: Yeah
Other Girl Whose Name I Can't Remember: Do you like it so far?
Me: It's pretty good. I've been bagging all day.
Other Girl Whose Name I Can't Remember: So do you go to high school here?
Me: No, actually. (holding back a rude comment)
Other Girl Whose Name I Can't Remember: Oh, well how old are you?
Me: 24
Other Girl Whose Name I Can't Remember: Wow, you don't look that old.
Me: Yeah, I know.

SO RUDE TO COMMENT ON SOMEONE' AGE! You know what? I thought you were in high school too and I didn't know you were a college SENIOR until I asked you. Oh, but I didn't insult your intelligence level by saying that you looked like a frickin' 16-year-old! I know that when people make comments like that it's completely unintentional, but it's still rude. This is a prime example of how people don't know their boundaries. You'd think that people would use a little common sense and refrain from saying something like that. I know. I know. I should be thanking my lucky stars that I don't look my age, but it's really just irritating to not have people think you can buy your own alcohol when you've been able to do so for a long time. ARG! It's like when a random customer comments on how young I look I really want to say "And you look like you're about 62!" JERK!
So what's the solution to this problem? I wore mascara today because I thought it would make me look a little older, but apparently, I shouldn't do that. Am I supposed to cut my hair? Not smile? Talk with a deeper voice? Get fat? Grow taller? Be snotty? I can't figure it out. I really just want people to use their brains when saying something like that. It's offensive and i don't comment on your nasty self, so don't comment on me!
Is my hair in pigtails? I DON"T THINK SO!
I'm wearing makeup in this picture. Do I still look like a high schooler?
I'm in a frickin' wedding dress. I'm married! I'm not that young!

Disclaimer: For those of you who were scarred by my frankness, I do apologize for the moment of bellowing. It won't happen again......very soon. Please keep in mind that I will continue knitting an hopefully posting other cool projects that are not knitting related, but are still fun and crafty.

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Tine said...

Those are beautiful pictures! So I had a similar experience w/ a certain smoking teenager from your old job. It turns out that I started college the year after she was born, to which she said, "you don't look that old, I thought you were like 25." I thought, was I complimented or insulted?! Apparently parents don't teach manners anymore.