Sunday, December 11, 2005

Hell yeah I'm a knitting fiend.

This is my cute dog Maven(a.k.a Bat Ears or Little Miss Maven Tush). She's a pest and eats anything in sight. Paper products are by far her favorite things to eat. Who doesn't love when receipts, checks made out to you and your husband in the sum of $500, important bills and the like, are all gobbled up and slobbered on?

I swear I have a point. I am the obsessed knitter I claim to be. I'm just a poor obsessed knitter. I buy yarn whenever I can and whatever feels right. BUT I should clarify that I'm not a fearless when it comes to trying new patterns. I fear that if I knit something that I could actually wear, other than a scarf, that I'll mess it up too badly for me to enjoy it (knitting that is). Silly, I know! Who could not enjoy knitting?
On that subject, I'm trying to convert people to becoming knitters. It's a slow process, but I will try my damndest to bring these people to The Fiber. A daunting task, you might say, but I will bravely surge forward into this haunting realm of mortals who have not yet found The Way. It wil happen.....oh, will. :)
I'd show you my latest project(s), but, in all honesty, I'm sitting on the sofa with Maven and I refuse to get up to take pictures of everything. I especially won't attempt to take pictures because she likes to eat things that are even remotely close to chewing distance (anything within a 5-foot radius). I can show you another project of mine that I completed though. I'm quite proud of it.

I took a class to learn how to needle felt. I have to say, that it was a waste of my money to take the class. I could have asked someone how to do it and been fine. Oh, well, I have a beautiful purse now. If you haven't needled felted yet, then get on the bandwagon. It really releases any tense feelings you might have. Good outlet.

Now enjoy the rest of the night and get ready for Monday.

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