Sunday, December 18, 2005

Almost Needled to Death

This past week has been a truely horrendous week. Maven swallowed a needle. As it happens I left a sewing needle out on our side table in the living room. She eats everything and this needle just slid right down her throat. Jake and I weren't sure she actually swallowed it. We had her x-rayed and low and behold it was just sitting there. Then the Vet's tried endoscope (the procedure using a camera inserted through the mouth to look inside the body) to retrieve the needle and that didn't work. They did, however, find earplugs, leaves, and some tissue in her intestines. God my heart went into my throat when they said they would have to do surgery to get it out. I mean, she's my little puppy girl. So stayed overnight in the hospital. We picked her up the next day and she was so stiff. The poor dog wouldn't leave the car she was so nervous. Then she threw up for the next two days. We couldn't get her to keep any food down. So back to the Vet's she went. She was there for two more nights, hooked up to an IV. She is more recovered than she was earlier in the week. She's trying to run around and be active, but we can't let her do that or it'll hurt her. She's currently sleeping happily. Her toes are twitching because she's dreaming.

For those of you who aren't animal lovers, you may not understand. It broke my heart to see in pain. Both my husband and I were beside ourselves when he had to come back from the Vet's office without her. She really is like a child to us. What really got me was that she was in the hospital all by herself without Mom or Dad. When we went to visit her she was so happy. You could just see the relief in her face and in her body. I tell you it's good to have her back home. I wouldn't wish that on anyone's pet. And who would have thought that all that would cost as much as it did. That means we're getting pet insurance.

Maven just arrived home and is still trying to recover from the anesthesia.

She did not want to move from this position because her little belly hurt her so much. Every time we walked in the room she wouldn't even lift her head to see us. She just laid there.

This is her scar up close. All those staples keeping it closed. I had no idea they really were staples. I guess I always assumed that they wouldn't really be staples.

She was a little undecided about getting off the couch. She stood there for about 15 minutes until she dicided to get on the couch.

Maven finally made it back up on the sofa. Sleepy little puppy.

Well aside from Maven, I've gotten a lot of knitting projects done this week. I finished the purse for my friend heather. I felted it using Manos del Uraguay. I needle felted some stars on it for her too. I just hope she likes it. If not, then I get to make something else. I also finished two hats and another small project for my sister-in-law. Although, I finished the project for my sister-in-law, I'm not satisfied with it. It kind of looks crappy. I'm going to have to felt it again. If you haven't tried knitting the little monsters from Knitty's winter issue, it's a must. They knit up really quickly. Plus, why not keep your hands warm with something cute!

I hope everyone has a good beginning to their week.

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