Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Eyeball Pop

Ever feel like your eye lids are trying to seal themselves together? I was walking so much and so fast tonight that I think my eyeballs dried out. This could be prevented, but I would have to quit working retail during the holiday season. For those of you in "retail hell", you understand my pain. Well, you understand my pain if you're a hard worker. My favorite question tonight started out like this, " I had my wallet stolen. It had my gift card in it. Can you replace it?" Um....that make sense to anyone else? My band director always used to say there were no stupid questions, only ones that you don't ask. I'm gonna have to go ahead and disagree with that one entirely, especially since I started working retail full-time. I think people ask a lot of stupid questions or lead up to stupid questions with stupid stories or comments. My favorite line is "I'm looking for a book." DUH! You're in a bookstore people! It's obvious you're looking for a book if you're in a bookstore.

So my next step in the world of retail is to be assertive. I'm in charge of the peons and I don't always assert myself. Okay, they're not all peons. I'm not even in a lofty position to be able to really call them that. I say it to be pompous. But, seriously, I need to confront people. I'm great at delegation. I guess I'm not good with following through to make sure it's done. I'll go back and check it myself though, which kind of defeats that whole delegation thing.

I think all that bookstore dust has dried my eyes out. I might be able to successfully sleep now and I might not. Unfortunatley, my brain wil keep thinking even when I really want to sleep. It's the pits sometimes. I blog so I can channel my thoughts in other directions. It doesn't always work. Well, it never does actually. Okay, here's to hoping that it works.

Finally, for those of you who have never had real maple syrup, I think you're very sick people. You realize that that Aunt Jamima or Log Cabin stuff that's in most grocery stores, is just corn syrup. That tastes NOTHING like real maple syrup. Real maple syrup is made in Vermont and is Grade B Dark Amber. If you don't have that, then you're not even tasting the real stuff. If you go to
  • Cold Hollow
  • then you can purchase some syrup along with the BEST apple cider. Seriously, I love their apple cider. I grew up drinking that. If your'e feeling really punchy, order some of the donuts and make them yourself. They won't taste as good as when they actually make them, but unless you're planning on going to Vermont to take a visit, they'll be just fine. Seriously!

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