Thursday, March 13, 2008


Today, I went to the post office. I sent the first of what will be many packages to my brother in Iraq. I put some fun things in it too and part of it was going to be posted on this blog, but I can't figure out how to convert my file. I did, however, receive a lecture from the postal worker today. He told me I couldn't cover up and reuse a priority box because it's a service that the post office provides for people. My box was covered in brown paper and the original box wasn't even showing. I assume he guessed that the box was a priority box which is why he asked. I'm not allowed to REUSE this box for whatever I want? He said that my package would be mailed priority anyway and that was my only option for mailing to an APO address. So I'm still confused what difference that makes. He even put a priority mail sticker on my package after I filled out the white form. He proceeded to tell me that I only pay for the shipping to New York and that the military pays the shipping to actually get it to my brother. Isn't the Army paid from government funds? Do I pay taxes? THEN I AM PAYING FOR THE SHIPPING TO IRAQ AND THE BOX IT'S BEING SHPPED IN!!! I OWN THAT BOX!!!!!!!!!!!

I feel better now.

Please excuse my outburst. No pictures are accompanying this blog, but next time I hope to have figured out how to post a video from my computer. I will figure out how to convert the file to be viewable by all. For now, thanks for listening. Oh, and I might start podcasting soon if anyone would like to hear my voice. ;)

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katie said...

Thats funny. I used to reuse priority mail boxes at work to ship things through UPS and they didn't seem to mind...