Monday, March 03, 2008

I'm so ashamed!

Obviously, I have been M.I.A. from the blogging world. I haven't felt like I've had anything blog worthy recently. Also, I don't like that the pictures I post online are not quality. I have a nice "aim and shoot" digital camera, but it doesn't take the quality of pictures that I want to present on a blog. I want to commit myself to blogging regularly, but let me tell you that that can be a chore.

Does anyone ever feel that way? I want to write and post pictures, but I don't want it to be uninteresting. Maybe I should be thinking about what I really want to accomplish with this blog. Do I want this to be a medium by which people can keep up with my life? Do I want this to be a form of story telling? Do I want this to be the means by which I can develop myself as a person? Maybe this can be all these things, but I just can't seem to focus on one thought. Recently, I've felt like I can't seem to focus myself on one task. Not that I've ever been good at focusing on one thing at a time, but I feel more scatter brained than ever. It's kind of frustrating as I have a lot going on and my list never seems to end.

So, I must pose a question to you guys. How do you keep things organized in your life? Do you consciously tell yourself to pick up the clothes from the floor? Do you send out bill payments as soon as the bill arrives? Do you divvy up tasks to people in your household? Are things written down anywhere? Do you utilize calendars or date books?

I'm just curious to know if there's a system that I can easily put into place because I seem to always be behind. So far, the best that I have is a great spreadsheet on Excel that my husband uses to budget our finances. I'm thinking I need to make checklists for everything else, too. It might sound silly, but I'm a very visual person and having very strict guidelines (in some instances) are very helpful. Let me know what you guys do as anything might help me out.


PoorlyMade said...

How do I stay organized? I don't, really...not at home. At work, however, I am highly organized. My desk gets cluttered with papers sometimes, but I make it a point to go through and clean my desk off at least once a week. I don't really have a set time for it, though. Usually, if it takes me more than five seconds to find anything on my desk, it's time to clean it off. Hope I was at least somewhat helpful!!

Anonymous said...

I carry around paper and make lists of things I need to do, want to buy and the like. At home, though mostly my philosophy is, if I notice something needs attention I do it as soon as I notice. For me, the longer I put off a task, the less chance it has of getting done, so I do it immediately.

BTW, nice to see a post ;)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE lists. Mostly though, I love to cross things off my list. Once it's done, I highlight it...not just yellow either. I choose different colors.

In college I used to carry a hand held recorder to remind myself of stuff...that didn't work too well. I'll also leave myself messages at work and messages at home.

Hope it helps! - Angi