Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Nor'easter......nor'leavin' here tomorrow.

Punxutawney Phil told a big lie on February 2nd this year. I'm not saying that he's a saint or anything, but he did mention that we were going to have an earlyspringand I'm pretty sure that the foot of snow I can see in my back yard is not the result of Mother Nature gracing New England with April showers so we can have May flowers. Jake and I were going to be flying to Colorado Springs tomorrow, but this Nor'easter has delayed all flights out of Portland. By delayed I mean cancelled. By cancelled I mean that the airport is shut down. The weather was bad enough that that place I work for (insert name here) closed 3 hours early! In fact, when I was trying to leave I followed a snow plow home and then attempted to get in my driveway. Let me tell you that rocking the truck back and forth really doesn't do any good when snow and a solid sheet or three of ice is beneath some tires. But, seeing that we're not getting anywhere I figured I'd be able to post something pretty fun.
A couple of you have commented on how you like my videos and I think I might continue to do them for you. In fact, I'll do some crappy ones and then work on improving them for you. By crappy, I don't mean what I'm taping, I just mean my quality of shooting. So here's another one for you, enjoy.

That's right, I have cool friends.

While I fall asleep to the sounds of snow plows and people trying to shovel their cars out of the snow, I'll try and sleep off some of this storm in the hopes that there will be sunshine tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

I received a (single) similar potholder, but in light & dark BLUE.

...and do you drug your dogs, or do they just lay around like that naturally? Ha ha ha!