Saturday, February 17, 2007

How do I love thee?

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.......I feel like I should express myself a bit here. I'm by myself this weekend and I shouldn't be, so I'm going to let you in on my loves up to this point in my life. I feel passionately about many things and these are just some of them.

-My family (That includes people who aren't actually related to me)
-Friends (These are the people who aren't actually related to me)
-Maven and Abby (four-legged friends)
-Autumn trees
-Writing (obviously)
If you ever feel the need to read a story, let me know and I'll post it. BUT that's only if I have more than one request.
-Eating! (I'm a Zeta. What else can I say?)
-Learning new things
-Walking on warmish sunny days
-Living a "green" life
-Crocheting (yeah, I do both, so back off)
-Okay, I like many crafty things so don't try to give me a new obsession.
-Cutting out pictures of house-type stuff
-Learning about the environemnt
-Cleaning. (Nobody shoot me for saying that. It's very satisfying because the results are immediate and obvious. For someone who is impatient, this is the best instant gratification)
-Looking through cookbooks
-Trying different shampoos
-Soy candles
-Movies (Time to watch some new ones)
-Listening to my iPod (Currently Justin Timberlake's "What Goes Around Comes Around"
-Period romances (Man saves woman who despises him but they fall in love anyway. She's also wearing great clothes with empire waistlines and she's beautiful)
-Listening and watching the rain
-Waking up to see everying covered in snow
-Squishy face
-New sneakers
-Donating "stuff" to charity
-Fixing things myself
-Surfing the internet
-Harry Potter
-Energy efficient lighting
-Small, shiny, colorful objects (I love sparklies)
-Laughing uncontrollably
-Laughing in general
-Becoming friends with strangers through knitting
-Making up my own sewing patterns
-My blanket
-Fourth of July in Auburn, NY
-Camping in Vermont
-Taking on new responsibilities
-Making lists and then not following them
-Reading food packaging labels
-Seeing dogs dream
-Playing board games with my family
-Smell of campfire smoke
-Letting my hair dry in the sun
-Finding money in a winter coat pocket
-Creating more space
-Building living room forts
-Wearing sexy clothes every now and again
-Pride and Prejudice
-Making people laugh (I love to make them laugh)
-Planning a party
-Studying knitting books
-Fenced in yards
-Climbing trees
-Laughing at my brother's laugh

Most importantly, I love life. I try each day to learn something about myself that can improve my quality of life. Whether people notice it or not, doesn't matter so much as the fact that I know I'm trying. I try to practice forgiveness, and self-control. I try to let go and move on. I urge myself to be accurate and move quicker. Reptition is the key to success and being successful is being happy with what I do. I try to remember that receiving isn't half as fun as giving. Being a friend to even one person makes life full and being a friend to many makes life worth living. I try to remain loyal to people who deserve my loyalty. I love with as much passion as I can muster. I try to have no regrets, but I'm still working on that one. I just want people to know me and love me. I want to be smarter each day than I was the day before. I want to share my knowledge, my skills and my heart to enrich the lives of others. This is my "Love List" and I hope you've fallen into some portion of it because if you're reading this, then you've made me smile. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Beth -

That was beautiful. You really inspire me. I want to print this off and put it at my desk to remind me that there are more important and beautiful things than what might be happening in that particular moment in my life. Thanks for writing this.


Dawn said...

Those were really great...and Yes please post a story! Miss you girlie!

Tristan said...

THAT is why I feel blessed to be your friend. You have a way of looking at things that makes others around you appreciate their lives a little more than they did before experiencing you, and that is exceptional and beautiful.

Kristine said...

Shit! all the good comments are already taken! How do I love Beth? Mostly for her giggle, vivacity, loyalty, and intelligence. Oh, and her baking prowess. I miss her cookies! Oh, and her taste in film and literature. Oh, and for her knitting stash.