Thursday, July 23, 2009

Glass Explosion

So, I must admit that I am not always, how shall I put it, the tidiest person to live with. Don't get me wrong, I actually enjoy cleaning. When I had roommates in college they dorm room was always very clean. But if there is one thing that I hate it's doing the dishes. I mean, I despise doing the dishes. Growing up I was always happier washing the bathtub, scrubbing the toilet, and cleaning the sink in the bathroom before I'd ever do the dishes. It's not like I had to hand wash them or anything like that, but the thought of touching dishes grosses me out.

Now, I live in an apartment without a dishwasher and it about kills me. Besides the fact that hand washing uses more water than dishwashers, I don't have the motivation to wash my dishes regularly. Of course, I have dish washing gloves to make it less painful, but I think I need to embarrass myself to actually motivate me to do my dishes. Without further ado. I give kitchen.

So go ahead and make comments. It's true that this is disgusting. I literally have no dishes in my cupboards to speak of. However, the following picture will be even more embarrassing .

Yep, when you don't wash your dishes and you leave glass on the stove and then turn on the wrong burner, it EXPLODES. There's a huge popping noise and then glass shards all over. It's not that fun to clean either. So, in the next few days you will see pictures of a very clean kitchen and you'll see it revamped a little too. Yup, comment away on how dirty I am because it'll make me feel gross and then I'll clean. :(


Dawn said...

HAHAHAHAHA we don't have a dishwasher either so I completely feel ya'!

How about buying some paper plates!

Katie said...

I was going to suggest paper plates and plastic silverware myself- you can always recycle them!! Or buy yourself a little mini-dishwasher. Or hire someone. Or something.

Angi said...

I have not seen any pictures of this updated kitchen you promised in your blog...