Monday, May 19, 2008

Snippets of Life

So, it's been ages since I've posted on here. Life has caught up with me and my rechargeable batteries have died. The combination of the two of those things has caused me not to post for some time. Plus, I haven't done any crafty projects worth posting.
I'm pretty sure I have "memorabilia" and I'd like to spread it around a bit to everyone. Hopefully, you won't be to averse to the remnants of my past because I plan on posting random excerpts of my life in pictures. I'm thinking I should have a specific day of the week where I post pictures from my past. I think Mondays are going to be the best day of the week to share with all of you (all three of you who actually read my blog) and a way to keep me posting regularly.

That's my Big, Jen. Yes, that's some Mike's in my hand.

Obviously, we were all having a good time. This was just a little pre-party partying going on. Gotta love when the ladies party.

Jen, me, and Laura. I think we were definitely ready to go at this point.

Gotta love college memories.

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PoorlyMade said...

Holy crap!! You haven't been abducted by aliens, gone into seclusion for self-reflection, or anything!! That's a relief!