Thursday, March 01, 2007

"My own little corner in my own little room..."

"....I can be whatever I want to be." Thanks to Rogers and Hammerstein, I have part of the apartment to call my own. Messy as it might be I always seem to have these types of things piling up.
My CornerMaybe this will help you understand me a bit better. At home, I'm a messy, messy gal. I can't keep things clean for very long to save my soul. If you click on the picture you can actually see my note tags for the objects that are most precious to me. I think everyone should have a corner of their home that just says something about themselves. Of course if you're like me, there might be many corners that say something about you. For instance, "Dust me!" I think what this little section is saying about me is that I need to be occupied at all times. I have take interest in many things. Often times, one interest gets me to thinking about another one and I can't seem to transition smoothly from one to the next. many things I want to be doing at one time.
In case you were intersted in what these books were, here's a close up. Farmer John's Cookbook is a fantastic refernce for produce and great ways to cook them. This organic farmer is an amazing resource for all things tasty and earthy. Undercover is a book I checked out of the library because I have yet to knit or crochet an afghan, so I've started to now and I can't wait to finish it. Thanks to Kristine for getting me Stonewall Kitchen Favorites for Christmas (along with Farmer's John's Cookbook) I can't stop staring at the pictures. My mouth salivates every time I open it a smidgeon. Who knows what I'll be eating for dinner tonight.

What does your corner say about you?


Dawn said...

I'm working on convincing Amelia that I need a space of my own too, and not the basement. I have some really good ideas but she's not having it ;) I love your area and it is not messy

Dawn said...

oh and you'll love this...i want this book so bad!