Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Pre-Fiber Post

This is a fill-in for a post you can see tomorrow. The only reason you don't get to see it tonight is because it's dark out and I can't take nice pictures in the dark. Well, maybe I can but those might be kinky and that's none of your business anyway. :0

I have touched on the subject of movies before. I think I've hinted that I enjoy them immensely. While I'm not a movie maven, there are some movies that I watch over and over without ever tiring of them. Now, they're my "comfort" movies. Believe it or not, I do delve beyond the realm of musicals on occasion. I am so enamored with 15th century life and clothing that there are a few movies that I own, all inspired by Jane Austen, that I can't stop watching. I also have to watch as many versions of them as possible.

I am in love with this movie. Mr. Knightly and Miss Woodhouse are one of the most charming couples. Life is all about finding love and being social. I think that I would probably be Harriet in this movie, but if I could choose to be Emma that would be my greatest wish. She has the perfect dresses and all she has to do is embroider (insert knitting needles here), go to parties, dance (with the love of her life), and worry about falling in love. I wish times had stayed that simple with a few modern conveniences.
While I think Keira Knightly completely detracts from the portrayal of Elizabeth Bennet, I still enjoy this movie. Watching it on The Big Screen was a truly delightful experience. I never knew that Jane Austen could be funny and the delivery of this version had some good laughs. I was surprised at the diversity of the audience (male to female ratio), too. I love Pride and Prejudice. I can't say enough about the brilliance of Jane Austen and I almost wonder if she wouldn't have liked that men and women find this an appealing story and have done so much in the way of representing and interpreting it. Elizabeth Bennet was such a strong woman and so opinionated for her time it's really a wonder that she got married at all. I guess I fall in love with this story every time I see it because I always have new feelings when watching it.
I love this version of Pride and Prejudice the best. Laugh at me if you want, but Colin Firth is H-O-T. Jennifer Ehle is exactly what I want in and Elizabeth Bennet. She is outspoken, but very proper. She has elegance and doesn't walk like a man (Keira Knightly) in a time when that would have been just downright crude. This version also follows the book very closely and they dont' cut out or add any characters like some other versions tend to.
I know this isn't 15th Century, but some times you need a modern kick to get your love for the story rejuvenated. This is completely brainless or Clueless as the case may be. I have nothing else to say about this because it's too dumb. :)
Of course, Colin Firth graces the screen again with a modern take on Pride and Prejudice, again playing Mr. Darcy. He's just as fantastic and standoffish in this version. Of course, Bridget is a bit of a klutz and Renee Zellweger is perfect for this part. Both of her completely different love interests hash it out for her and Darcy feels completely betrayed. Gotta love the fight scene.
About damn time Elinor! About damn time! I love the strong female characters again. Jane Austen was all about making women smart and mouthy. I feel so bad that Elinor has had to be the mother of the family because her mom is a bit senseless and her sister's passionate nature makes her unlikely that she care about the outcome of the family enough to contribute. She so noble in everthing and this breakdown is actually really funny.

Say what you will about these movies, but I love 'em. Every time I watch Emma it makes me long for that kind fo romance. I can't help it. I want to be out there in a beautiful dress and worrying only about looking beautiful and dancing. Besides, for us small chested women those dresses seriously make them look a tad bit bigger. ;) Who doesn't love seeing a woman be outspoken in a time when that was unheard of? I suggest you take a look at these movies if you haven't already. It's really worth the watch if you can stand the push and pull of the relationships.

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Kristine said...

I couldn't agree more with your insightful analyzes of the various versions of P&P. BTW, Colin Firth is totally HOT!