Saturday, January 06, 2007

A Davy Family Christmas

So Christmas with the Davy women is always interesting. This was first time in years that my whole family got together for Christmas and we even had some additions. I was in present shock when I saw what the tree looked like after we put all the gifts under it. WHOA!
Once Kolby finally went to bed, all of us adults brought in the Santa gifts and some other ladies finished up their gift wrapping. Just ignore my cousin's butt in the picture.
Drink beer. It's good for your health and great for holiday cheer!I know the presents are hidden, but...DAMN! Somebody has been really good this year.
Sara and Brian. Enough said.
"...and their stockings were hung by the chimney with care in hopes that Saint Nicholas soon would be there." Oh, and my brother is acting like himself.

Pretty much as soon as Jake and I got to Vermont we started drinking and hanging out with everybody. None of us went to bed until about 2a.m. Gooooooood times. Thanks to my cousin's son waking up at the ass-crack of dawn, Jake and I were up around 5a.m. As you can imagine, we were a bit tired, but it was still fun.
I really do love bubble wrap or air pockets. This was the first gift that I opened up on Christmas. Don't even think about popping my crown!
That tree definitely threw up because there are gifts everywhere.
Maven and Abby discovered that they are able to jump on the roof of the dog house. I'm pretty sure they're faking being pathetic.
Even though there were tons of people in the house, we still managed to have four large dogs in there as well. Duke was everybody's friend, Sassy didn't want to be bothered, Maven didn't want Duke to bother her, and Abby wanted to bother Duke and Sassy. Good times. :)

Just because Santa isn't real (Oh, sorry about that for those of you who didn't know that. I just spilled the beans), it doesn't mean "big people" can't enjoy the generosity of Christmas toys too. Once Kolby left to go to his father's house, we were all free to enjoy his toys. Some of more than others, too.

This is one of the knitted gifts I sent off as a Christmas gift. I was quite proud of it and I think the recipient enjoyed it very much. It's reversible, so who doesn't want that hat? I've always had a thing for reversible articles of clothing, and I guess I've carried that into adulthood.

Don't you wish you had one of these? Too, bad. Not yours and if you're lucky you might get something cool from me some day, but you'll have to prove that you want it or I'm not knitting somethign with my beautiful yarn that I love to fondle. It would mean giving it up to someone else and I don't know if I can do that yet.

Don't you worry about other knitting related posts because I definitely will be posting about my next projects. I have so many on the needles right now that I don't think I can actually keep up. We shall see how I do with them. I might even pick up some projects that I pushed back in the closet months ago. I am determined to finish them this year. Cross my heart. ;)

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