Saturday, December 16, 2006

Nicknames stick to people...

...and the most ridiculous are the most adhesive. ~Thomas C. Haliburton

Ta da! I knew you were all waiting breathless with anticipation for my new blog name. You can now get up off the sofa and put the empty ice cream containers in the trash. I suggest you take a shower now too because you're starting to smell. I came up with a few so maybe you guys can vote on them. If you want to share this with other people that might be cool because I think there are about two of you who actually read my blog on a some what regular basis. I tried to stay away from knitting related titles, but that's just who I am so I couldn't stay away from them.

1. IncogKnito (I'm not really incognito because if you ask me I'll tell you I'm a knitter. Of course, I like to tell people upfront right after meeting them so they have no doubts as to the reason for my weirdness).

2. CongeKnital Crafter (many other knitters claim they started knitting from a young age. Most of us feel that we were born with this "condition". I think I might have actually had knitting needles in my hands when I was born. It's much easier to hold them when you're a c-section baby.)

3. Knit for Tat (That's right! You think you're crafty and what you do is cool, but I don't think so. I say "Knit for Tat" when you want to show me up. See if you can trump my ace....or wool as the case might be.)

4. DefiKnitly Gettin' Knit (I don't know what the hell I'm gettin' but I'm definitely gettin' something to do with knit. Knitting speaks to me. Shh! Don't let anyone know I have additional voices talking to me.)

Okay, please cast (pun intended) your votes when you read this. I think I'll open up the polls for about a week and see what you say. I am still trying to change the look of my blog, so hopefully I'll come up with something cool by the time the votes are in. :)

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Dawn said...

Yo, Yo, Yo...I like numbers 1 and 4 but I am going to vote for number 1...woohoo! This is exciting, oh and Happy Holidays to you guys!