Friday, December 25, 2009

Have some H.P. love!

So this is what a Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince DVD release party looks like with two people present. That's all that was invited. For the record, that's butter beer in those cups. I'll even give you the recipe for them. First, pour some butterscotch schnapps into a glass (whatever suits your fancy, but the more the better). Next, add some cream soda (get the best because it'll make a difference). Then, enjoy!

I did get to watch this several weeks ago when it was released, so that was definitely a high point amongst my holiday season. Hopefully, if you haven't even seen it yet you'll get your butt in gear and rent it, buy it, or Netflix it! Happy Holidays.

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Anonymous said...

that sounds wonderful! can we do the release party again with butter beer when you two come visit in January?? ~kk