Saturday, August 22, 2009

Ms. Clean if you please

I can't believe it's been a week since I posted last. That's ridiculous in and of itself. I have decided, however, to dub myself Ms. Clean because Mr. Clean needs a babe and clearly that will be me. I have come so far with my cleaning endeavors in only a week and a half. Seriously, you would be amazed. I forgot to take before pictures so you could truly be in awe, but I'll take some tomorrow before I get all deep into it. I plan on cleaning up the last portions of my apartment and then adding finishing touches on it. I have a whole box of pictures that need to be put on my walls.

All of this cleaning is so I can make a life time change. I want to be organized enough to lessen my stress. There is absolutely no need for me to come home and feel more stress. The funny thing is that majority of my apartment is clean and I did get this overwhelming sense to want to mess it up. Just like the book said, I am creating this order and I'm afraid I won't have anything to do. The good part is that I didn't mess it up. I kept reminding myself how I wanted to create some free time by keeping things tidy. By me keeping my apartment in top shape I can actually start sewing regularly. I know when I have my craft space completely set up that will be another challenge for me, but I'm willing to face that head on. Wait until tomorrow when I post some good pictures for you.


Anonymous said...

I agree Mr. Clean does need at babe! ~kk

Gretchen said...

Good job on 'not messing it up'!
My next project is setting up a sewing/craft space. I never get anything done right now, other than sketching, because my craft/sewing supplies are scattered throughout the house. When I want to make something I get stuck right away because I don't know where to begin looking. Wish me luck, I hope to get started with my space this weekend. We'll see how it goes. ;)

Anonymous said...

It looks like your July 23 post has some "before" pics you can compare these to. If that's the case, you have done an amazing job. If only I could get my apartment to sparkle like yours. That would be awesome.