Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Oh, stop it!

You guys are making me blush at how much you've missed me. Okay, maybe you didn't even know I was gone in the first place. I made a last ditch effort of posting with my egg juggling routine right before I went on vacation. Hopefully, this one will satisfy you for a bit. I"m actually going to take pictures. :)

I was in Florida last week and for part of this week to celebrate my brother's graduation from E.O.D. school (that's Explosive Oridnance Disposal for you non-military understanding type people). He graduated #1 in his class and I couldn't be more proud of him. He's the second on in from the left. That's my brother! The guy on his left is Captain Baker. That's about all I know. We got to see the Eglin Airforce Base which was pretty cool, and it was amazingly hot. It was kind of a shock to experience that coming from Maine. And this is a guy who protects our country. Feeling safe, yet?

This is Brad and he, too was sporting the mullet wig on the beach. He was trying to achieve the classic redneck look and I think he got it. Isn't he a catch? He's single. Any takers?

Seriously, there will be more blogging later today or tomorrow as I took very few pictures with my camera. Actually, all the cool pictures I took were with my dad's camera and he's not releasing those photos yet. What a scumbag! Just kidding!

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