Sunday, April 08, 2007

5 Weird Things About Me

Alright, I've seen this meme floating around the internet and I've been trying to figure exactly what people would consider weird about me. Granted, people consider a lot of things weird about me, but really, these are things that they wouldn't necessarily know in the first place.

5 Weird Things About Me

1. I look for connections in everything. For instance, if I see a row of numbers and I try to find a way to connect them so they make sense. If I'm cashiering, I try to make one transaction "fit" with the next one some how. If two different people buy bananas and apples right after one another, I try to ring them up the same way so they match. I do that a lot so I can keep myself busy. It's the same way with colors. I see material or clothes or beads, or leaves and start matching it to other things in my mind. Maybe that leaf matches a tablecloth I have, or that weed goes really well with that DVD player. I don't know, it's habit forming, I suppose.

2. I am very specific about salsa. By specific, I mean that I will only eat Tostitos Restaurant Style Medium Salsa or my own homemade versions. I have tried many salsas and they all taste gross. Seriously, don't try to get me to eat a salsa that has not been pre-approved by me. It's gross and I won't eat it. If you want to keep your hands, don't dip into my salsa without asking, first. Someone did that to me once and I don't think I've ever really liked her the same since...........

3. I have a very intense fear of seeing my own blood. Actually, just today, I cut my thumb with a Cutco knife and I almost passed out. This cut didn't require stitches or anything, but seeing the blood made me panic. I think this stems from the time I hit my head on the coffee table when I was 3. The only thing I remember about that whole incident is blood, two random people in my house, and the doctor stitching up my eyebrow at the hospital. Looking at other people's blood is just icky, so don't ask me if I want to see your cuts.

4. I have a very unique laugh. Maybe it's not that unique, but I have heard people compare it to Woody the Woodpecker. While it's not unknown that I laugh like a chipmunk, what is unknown, is that it highly offends me when someone tries to imitate my laugh. This, to me, is a very personal part of a human and making fun of or imitating is just seems like you're mocking who I am. It's a part of me so deal with it or laugh louder. :)

Drum rolll for the last and weirdest thing about me.....

5. I like to smell my dogs' ears. I think it started because I have always like rubbing my face on Maven's ears because they're so soft. She has a very distinctive smelly dog ear smell as does Abby. Now, I smell them just because. Besides, they sniff my ears. Don't let them get too close to yours because they definitely like ears.

*As a prize for making is to the bottom of the post, and assuming you clicked my links, who is it that's laughing in #4? *


Dawn said...

Is that Tom Hanks? It sounds like him. I think you have a cute laugh!

Tristan said...

Tom Hanks, if i'm not mistaken...the money pit.


Anonymous said...

You are nutty as a fruitcake.

If you'd like, I could send you a salsa recipe, taught to me by real Mexicans.

Tim F.