Sunday, November 05, 2006

Harry Potter......pumpkin?

This post is delayed by about a week, but I still feel the need to post it anyway. My husband and I attempted to carve a pumpkin this year. The experience was good times for us both, but we have to have separate pumpkins next year. Yup, "His and Hers" is the way to go. I asked him what design we should carve and he suggested Harry Potter. I was very excited about that becuase he's reading the books for the first time and it's something we can share with each other. I started searching online for Harry Potter templates and found one that wasn't too complicated, but complicated enough that it looked like Harry.

Let me chronicle the pumpkin massacre, so you can follow along his demise.

He's so happy that we've just butchered the top of the pumpkin's head.

I, clearly, love a good slimey pupmkin.

Maven is looking on with concern on her face and we've hardly begun carving.

I am still impressed with the amount of goo inside the pumpkin, but I'm thoroughly excited about having fresh pumpkin seeds to bake and put lots of salt on.

Okay, so it's not all bad. We chose the side of the pumpkin that had the largest surface and it happened to already have a pumpkin scar of it's own. The pattern also got a bit smushy, so the left half of his face is folding in on the right half. Very special. He's "Special Harry".

Better let him have his moment.

We didn't feel like we accomplished what we planned, so Jake carved a big lightning bolt in the homage of our special skills. Maybe next year Harry won't have a mental look on his face.

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