Monday, July 25, 2005

My first posting

Okay, a little background first. I have become a very obsessed knitter. I started knitting in December '04 and haven't been able to control my knitting urges since. I fondle yarn whenever I'm close to it and fawn over book I check out at the library, which is never less than three. My delay for starting this was because I wanted to display my work and I had no digital camera with which to do it. But, thankfully, my husband and I got one as a wedding gift and I am proud to say it's getting good use. Of course, my hushand rolled his eyes when I said I was starting a blog. :) I'm just excited I get to share my novice escapades with other, more experienced, knitters. I know not everyone will be interested in my blog, but that does not deter my efforts. I am "The Obsessed Knitter".

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